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mV mA RTD Calibrators

We manufacture and export of mV mA RTD Calibrators. The calibrator is a compact, lightweight, and easy to carry tool. Calibrator is a precision source of mA , mV & RTD. mA range is from 0 to 20mA. mV Range is from 0 to 200mV. RTD source is derived by fix positions of highly stable and accurate resistors. These positions simulate precision temperatures. Battery operated calibrator comes with rechargeable batteries and charger. It's cost, performance makes it very popular in calibration laboratories and instrumentation plants.

mV/mA/RTD Calibrator (Battery Operated)  

mV/mA/RTD Calibrator (Battery Operated)

Technical Specifications

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Input Power 9V x 2 Batteries(non-rechargeable)
DC Current Source/Measure Range 0 to 20mA
DC Voltage Source /Measure Range 0 to 200 mV
Accuracy of mV & mA 0.1% ± 3 dgt.
RTD Source -50°C to +400°C
Accuracy of RTD source 0.1% of set temp
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mVmARTD calibrator -mains operated  

mVmARTD calibrator -mains operated

Technical Specifications

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Input Power 230V ± 10% AC single Phase
Digital Meter (41/2dgt) LED
DC Current source Range 0 to 20mA
Accuracy 0.1% ± 3 dgt for mV and mA
DC Voltage source range 0 to 200 mV
RTD (Fix 10 Positions) -50,-25,0, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 400
Accuracy 0.1% of set temperature
Dimensions (272 x 150 x 200) mm
Weight 1.25kg Approx
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