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DC Electronic Loads

ZEAL make, DC Electronic Loads are standalone loads with 200W, 250W and 750W etc. models. superior voltage/current resolution ideal for testing a power source e.g. DC Regulated Power supplies, Batteries, SMPS etc. They are good to find out regulation of power supplies, conduct heat run tests of power sources. They can also be used to assess AH capacity of batteries.

Different Ranges - Electronic Load  

Different Ranges - Electronic Load

Technical Specifications

Typical  Ranges Available
25 W
50 W
100 W
150 W
200 W
250 W
500 W
1000 W
1.5 kW
NOTE: Orders of customized Specifications can be executed.
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Electronic Load 1  

Electronic Load 1

Technical Specifications

Make Zeal
Model ZMEL
Range of load 0 to 20 A
DC Voltage range 3V to 10 V DC
Maximum Power 200W
Load Control accuracy ± 0.1 % for change in voltage from 3V to 10 V
Settings Load adjustment by set of coarse and fine control multi turn potentiometer or by analog level ( 0 to 5V) as per requirement
Meter With 3½ Digital DC Volt meter and DC Ammeter
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