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AC DC High Voltage Measurement Probes

AC /DC High Voltage Measurement probe alongwith handheld Digital multimeter is an essential combination to measure output of High Voltage Transformers, High Voltage Testers, High Voltage Power Supplies etc. The attenuation ratio is sufficient and HV can be sensed with better resolution. The output accuracies for both DC & AC HV measurements are excellent. Probe has sufficient length to ensure safety of the user from HV.

AC.DC HV Probe 1.100mV-20kV  

AC/DC High voltage Measurement Probe 40kV

Technical Specifications

Make Zeal
Range 0 to 40kV AC & DC
Attenuation Ratio 1kV: 100mV
Input Impedance > 200 MΩ

Accuracy up to 20kV : 1% for DC, 1.5% for AC @ 50/60 Hz
Above 20kV : add 0.08% per kV for DC and add 0.12% per kV for AC

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